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Who we are

OroVerde Export is nestled in the heart of the ancient Aztec empire, where we sustainably produce nutritious foods that allowed previous civilizations to thrive here. This land of “eternal spring” is graced with fertile soils and mineral rich waters from the surrounding volcanic peaks, which combine to produce nutrient crops. OroVerde is the only producer that grows with traditional farmer cooperatives at the proper altitudes. Our vision is to produce the highest quality, all natural, authentic food and food ingredients supported by traditional and agroscience techniques, in a sustainable and earth-friendly manner.

NOPAL - The flagship ingredient Nopal cactus, Opuntia ficus-indica, originated in The ancient Aztec Empire and is now propagated on 5 continents. This nutritional fresh food has been consumed for over 12,000 years and was the focal point of the prophetic vision which resulted in the Aztec settlement Tenochtitlan, which is now Mexico City. Nopal is mostly consumed as a fresh vegetable, however recient scientific studies have shown promesing nutritional properties and the dehydrated whole Nopal pad powder has been shown to be high in dietary fibers.

We at OroVerde SA de CV are a group of dedicated professional Nopal Growers. Our team consists of an Agricultural engineer, Bio-chemist and Production Engineers, that produces and monitor our Nopal powder, Nopal Juice and Nopal body care product processing. Together with our Overseas Distributors and Company representatives, we are a collective team who would like to offer your company the opportunity to market the best quality Nopal products currently available on the Global market.

We, as mentioned on the bottom of this page, are several companies. We are structured this way in order to clearly define each area of production and our processing. The reason for our structuring, is so that we may clearly define for the US FDA, USDA, I-FOAM and the NOP, where and who our fresh process Nopal comes from. Who grows it where it is processed, packaged and exported. This is very important for your importing requirements and although we are all the same team, we structure each individual process area as a registered company to meet your specific international standards.

Below you will find our office locations, they are not intermediaries or brokers but officesour team offering you the customer the same high standard of service and quality that you would find, if you were here with us in Mexico. Rest assured that you can call on us anywhere at anytime guaranteeing a superior regional customer service attention that your project requires.

Here on this page we offer you several photographs that give an idea of who we are, so that you the customer see who you are doing business with. Please feel free to browse our site and should you have questions or comments or submit them on our contact us page linked above on the Menu Bar or simply click here

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Nopal Export SA de CV - OroVerde SA de CV

We feel that having reviewed the information on our Web site, you will want to know more and therefore we make ourselves available to take your questions and orders immediately. Samples can be shipped out within 48 hours of receipt of order from any one of our offices. We hope that you the customer will allow us to begin providing you with our superior quality Nopal products and look forward to receiving a message from you soon.

One of many of our skilled fresh Nopal cutters, here he is cutting fresh Nopal destined for one the international fresh produce terminal markets. Experienced cutters are essential so that the Nopal pads arrive fresh and not bruised or damaged.

Here some of our growers are in our weekly Organic process classes where the growers can learn Organic production techniques from our Project Biologist. They take 4 hour weekly courses where they interact on the latest EPA and NOP I-FOAM requirements, new restrictions on organic pesticides and how to combat various Fungi or pests and get the latest information on maximizing our production quality. This assures you the customer that we are doing our utmost to qualify our fields to meet your import requirements. 

C.T. Paz - Administrator and Legal Representative. 
Oscar Aguirre - Project Biologist (CENACICA) fresh production Organic Process.
Alberto G. - Accounting.
Daniel A. - Manager - Dehydration operations.
J. Mejia - Bio Chemist. - Juice & Cosmetics Products.
I.B.Q. Prof. & Dr. in Science Carlos L Gonzalez - Technical Director.
Dara Obed - Logistic Chief.

For more information, please contact:

OroVerde SA de CV - Our Nopal export and Mother Co. 
Nopal Export SA de CV - Our Nopal powder dehydration Co.
Tenochtli SPR de RI CV - Our fresh grown Nopal Production Co.
T. X. S de RL - Our Nopal Juice and cosmetic processing Co.

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